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Welcome to eGexa Ads Center

On eGexa websites we deliver advertisements to serve more targeted content for our users. We may use third-parties advertising companies like Google Adsense or contact directly with the advertiser.


Targeted Ads

Ads displayed on eGexa are targeted to your activity and browsing history, country, language, age.. to match the best suitable ads performance.


Adervtise on eGexa

If you like to advertise on one of eGexa Websites, you may:

- Advertise with one of third-party companies we use to advertise on eGexa Websites, eg: Google Adwords. In this case you must have an account with these sites then place your ads on selected eGexa sites.

- Contact us to place your ads directly on any of eGexa sites. You must first read our Privacy Policy and Ads prices list, then you may apply to advertise on eGexa.

- If you have a good website with quality of tarffic, you can exchange links with SOME of eGexa Websites. Read Terms and Apply now.